Orcas Island Wedding
Tony and Claire
Saturday, August 13, 2011


Maid (don't call her Matron) of Honor - Emily Marrs

There has never been a question as to who my maid of honor would be since Emily has been my closest friend my entire life. No one gets me quite like my big sister, so I have turned to her for help or advice countless times, and she never fails me. I’m sorry that I had to grow up and move out of Em and Ty’s house, but so grateful I got to spend two fun years with them. The maid of honor role is especially fitting since Emily can be credited for the wedding- because not only is she my beloved big sister, but also a good friend of Tony’s, and she was the one who talked me into going on a
date with him.

Kelsey Suckow

Kelsey and I met way back in the third grade when we were on the same gymnastics team, and became fast friends when I found out her family had a trampoline (seriously, I loved those things). Luckily, we had a few other things in common, so our friendship survived after the trampoline ripped. Though we never went to the same school, we were inseparable during summers growing up, and she has stayed a part of my life since. It feels great to be able to include her in my big day.

Kiri Kiely

 Kiri and I bonded over a mutual infatuation with Justin Timberlake in junior high,
and our friendship has endured just like our obsession. Her loyalty, humor, spontaneity, intelligence, and impeccable style (I think for a few years I wore her clothes more than my own) make her in invaluable friend. I could never get married without my Kiri by my side!

Megan Loran

Megan is my longtime friend and college roommate. I have a lot of great memories with Megan- excluding the time we got  caught cheating in honors social studies… or when got stuck with community service for “student misconduct” in college (sorry, parents)!  But, the good far outweighed the bad- my life would have been much less fun if Megan hadn’t been in it, and I love her dearly!

Taryn Clark

Taryn is my future niece, and past part-time roommate. In a houseful of men
watching football around the clock, Taryn and I bonded over board games and front yard volleyball. So, I still have my sanity thanks to her. I am excited that this cute and sassy little lady will be in my wedding, and soon in my family.


Best Man - Troy Clark

Troy is a great older brother and I am glad to have him by my side when I take that plunge into marriage. Though I have never admitted it to him, I have always looked up to Troy. We have lived together for the past 3 years and our relationship has grown, though our cooking skills sure haven’t. It’s been great living with Troy though I suppose it is time to move out.

Tanner Clark

Tanner is my nephew, whose basketball skills I like to take credit for, having coached his teams for many years. Tanner is in the 8th grade, and we have more in common than you’d expect, both being sports freaks and often buying the same clothes (he has good taste).  I look forward to watching Tanner grow and am proud to be his uncle and have him as a groomsman.

Jesse James (not the outlaw, but the inlaw)

Jesse, my handy man brother-in-law is the first person I call anytime I need instructions on how to fix something. Ok, let’s be honest, I rely on him to fix everything for me. Jesse is a great guy that will do anything to lend a hand.

Tony Moceri

 Tony and I met in college, and became instant friends because we shared the same name. Luckily, we also have very similar interests, including basketball (or any sport, really) and women (Claire and Lindsey, his wife, are oddly alike). Tony and I have been roommates and coaching partners for years. He shares my passion for helping kids and being positive role models for those youth who need it the most. We also are traveling buddies, we’ve taken trips Costa Rica and Hawaii, and he helped move me down to San Francisco. In 2010 we were celebrating Tony's wedding and now I am glad he is with me to celebrate mine.

Casey Diggs

Casey was one of my first friends I met when I moved off the island. I have played with Casey on numerous softball teams. Casey will do anything to help out, including donating to my Boys & Girls Club countless times and once coming to pick Spud, Tony and me up at Bellingham Airport (even though we were at Sea-Tac). Casey is a great person and I admire his generosity and willingness to help friends which is why he will proudly be with me during my wedding!

Spud Allen

I met Spud through Casey and Tony in college. Not sure what to say about
Spud, other than he has given me great memories and unforgettable stories.  Spud and I worked together as bouncers at Boundary Bay Brewery- I was the muscle and Spud got phone numbers. We’ve played together on basketball & softball teams for years, and Spud is a great race car driver. Honestly, he is a great listener and a good friend who I often turn to for advice.

Adam Gage

Adam and I grew up together on Orcas and were teammates in every sport. Though we have lived in different states for years, Adam and I talk frequently, and I’ve gotten to visit
him in Huntington Beach, and travel with him down the Mexican coast on a cruise. I was fortunate enough to be in Adam’s wedding this last December and look forward to seeing him a little more while I live in California.

Officiant - Nick Perigo

Nicholas has been an ordained minister (from the internet) for the past 7 years. He has performed many a wedding successfully. Nick is a great friend of Tony (they worked together at the Boys & Girls Club) and Claire's and they are pleased to have him perform their wedding.